PACKAGING Perishable and temperature sensitive goods must be properly packaged to prevent spoilage and maintain product integrity. These products may be subjected to extremes of heat and/or cold on the way to their destination. With careful thermal packaging, you can protect your products by providing appropriate temperature protection and stability.

According to several recent studies, food safety is one of the top concerns of urban residents in China's major coastal cities. With increase affluence and the emerging middle class approaching 200 million, consumers' expectations for safe and better food quality are rising rapidly. Unfortunately, China's ability to transport and handle food safely is not keeping pace with these expectations. We can help the Cold Chain development and look for solutions to modernize food logistics in China.

As a leading provider of temperature-controlling products in Cold Chain Management, we assist in engineering solutions and supplying heavy duty refrigerants for transportation of perishable and temperature sensitive goods. As experts in polymer chemistry, we produce our own selected phase change materials used inside our refrigerants from raw materials. Our non-liquefying gel ice is made with de-ionized water and certified to be completely safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and anti-bacterial. Our knowledge of thermal packaging and cold chain management combined with the client's understanding of their products translates into cost effective temperature management solutions. Let us be your partner in our business strategy.

Use our temperature-controlling products to: