CONSUMER We develop and manufacture quality temperature controlling products used in outdoor recreation, healthcare, first aid and food preservation. These products include heavy duty gel pack, reusable ice substitutes, flexible hot/cold compress, instant hot/cold pack and all types of reusable gel ice products. To deliver value, our agile R&D and production continuously keep up with the latest product changes. At the same time, we acknowledge and avoid any patent issues with makers of the products they are designed to compete with on the shelf. Let us be your partner in our business strategy.

Ice pack bottles are the perfect reusable ice substitute for coolers, lunches, picnics, camps, fishing and hunting trips. Composed of rigid recyclable plastic, these bottles are durable, and will not liquefy or leak after prolonged use.

Hot and cold pack is the most versatile, heating and cooling product for foods. It's soft, lightweight and portable. It's the only way to enjoy a hot lunch or cold snack with one great pack!

Ice wrap is an easy to use flexible ice wrap that can be conformed to many different shapes and sizes. It is the perfect accessory for chilling wine bottles, for use in thermal lunch bags, and transporting goods that need to stay cold.

Mini ice packs are remarkable reusable ice cubes! Freeze them and put them in your drinks to keep them cold and add an intriguing splash of colour, or toss them into your lunch bag to prevent food spoilage.

Made from our specially formulated Gel, the product is designed with the dual purpose of providing hot or cold therapy. Flexible when frozen, the product acts as a cold compress for minor first aid applications to reduce pain and swelling. When heated it provides soothing heat therapy for muscular aches, pains and stiffness. Available in any colour. The flexible hot or cold compress line of products offers several benefits:
Flexible hot and cold therapy products can be custom made to suit any body part that requires special attention. Every product comes with a removable flannel cover that can provide a soft, warm, experience against the skin. When removed, the gel pad inside can be heated and wrapped in a damp towel to provide the added benefits of moist heat therapy.

Research has shown that the flexible ice blanket maintains cold for 24 hours and longer in a suitable insulated container. Its liquid-filled pouches provide uniform distribution of cold, by providing a thermal barrier to keep the cold in, making it less prone to large temperature deviations.

Flexible ice pack stays flexible when frozen and can be used on all parts of the body for sports injuries, swelling, as well as minor bumps and bruises. The pack has been engineered to provide powerful cold therapy, with the added benefit of a soft-sided surface to provide insulation, and prevent the cold from directly contacting the skin. The flexible ice pack is a premium therapeutic product that continues to grow in demand.