ABOUT US Paramount Enterprises Limited is a privately held Canadian corporation based in Hong Kong with production facilities in China. Our newest facility in Shanghai is currently undergoing certification for ISO9001:2000, ISO13485:2003 and all relevant CE markings.

We continuously strive to maintain quality services in all areas from product design and development, raw material sourcing, manufacturing control to shipping consolidation. As specialists in manufacturing top-quality temperature controlling products, we also provide custom promotional products and private label programs that meet specific needs.

As experts in polymer chemistry, we produce our own selected phase change materials used inside our refrigerants from raw materials. Our non-liquefying gels are made with demineralized water and certified to be completely safe, non-toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly.

Since 1968, we have been dedicated to our clients' business strategies and committed to their OEM/ODM projects with total confidentiality. Our mission is to create a one-stop global sourcing solution for customized temperature controlling products "Faster, Cheaper and Safer!"

Faster (On-Time Delivery)
  • Strong efficient sourcing networks
  • Experience in supply-chain management
  • Logistic hubs of Asia-Pacific (Hong Kong & Shanghai)
Cheaper (Competitive Price)
  • In-house R&D and production
  • Customized production of polymers from raw materials
  • Cost-effective planning starting from raw material sourcing
Safer (Superior Quality)
  • An environmentally responsible company
  • Compliance to labour, health and safety regulations
  • In-house Quality Control, "zero defects" is our #1 priority